12V 250Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

12V 250Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

We supply 12v 250ah deep cycle battery rechargeable batteries for inverter ups and solar wind power system etc use.
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Product Details

Introduction of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery

AGM deep cycle batteries are seeing more and more use in solar, wind renewable energy systems as their price comes down and as more systems are getting installed that need to be maintenance free. Because they are completely sealed they can't be spilled, do not need periodic watering, and emit no corrosive fumes, the electrolyte will not stratify and no equalization charging is required. This makes them ideally suited for off grid storage system with battery back-up. It is widely used in solar and wind power system, UPS and telecom, golf cart, electric wheelchair etc.


Features of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery


Typical Applications

◇Solar energy system

◇Wind power system

◇Power station

◇UPS power supply

◇Portable power

◇Standby power for communication system

◇Telecommunication equipment etc



Battery Dimensions (mm) of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery





Specifications of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery


Battery Discharge Table of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery


Characteristics of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery




Production Lines of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery


Quality Assurance

◇Original material inspection by our QC system.

◇ABS battery case testing: anti-impact, prevent burst.

◇Measure each battery acid electrolyte weight, to ensure the consistency of every long life battery.

◇Charging & discharging testing: deep cycle working.

◇Every battery inspected before shipping, guarantee 100% pass rate.


Certifications of the 12V 250AH AGM deep cycle battery


Packing& Delivery





Q: What kind of certificate of the battery you have? 
A: We have CE, RoHS, ISO, UL etc.

Q: What is advantages of your deep cycle batteries compare with others?
A: Heavy weight and enough capacity is the most two important factor to adjust a battery quality and performance.

Q: How long takes you to produce a container?
A: 20-25days now.


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