12V 150Ah Solar Gel Battery

We supply 12v 150ah solar gel battery.
12V gel battery we have 12V 250AH/200AH/180AH/150AH/120AH/100AH etc, welcome to inquiry.
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Product Details

                                                                  12V 150AH Gel VRLA Deep Cycle Batteries




Product Introduction

This battery is a pure GEL Battery with 12 years floating design life, it is ideal for standby or frequent cyclic discharge applications under extreme environments. By using strong grids, high purity lead and patented Gel electrolyte, the GEL series offers excellent recovery after deep discharge, under frequent cyclic discharge use. Suitable for solar, CATV, Marine, RV and deep discharge UPS, communications and telecommunications, etc.


Product Advantages

◇By the high-tech gelled electrolyte, gel battery is completely leak-proof  and sill-proof for easy installation in virtually any position even under water.

◇Completely maintenance-free.

◇High reliability and stable quality, long deep cycle life

◇High charge acceptance, unique structure design

◇Extremely low self-discharge, 100% tested for highest performance.

◇Well low temperature performance, even at very low temperature the gelled electrolyte will no be frozen and provide a well performance. Gel battery  is well suited to low temperature applications.



1.  Solar and wind Power Generation Systems.

2. Motivity Field:Robots,Electric Toys,Electric Tools&Portable Vacuum Cleaners.

3. Communication Systems:Switch,Microwave Stations,Mobile Base Stations,Data Centers,Radio and Broadcasting Stations.

4. Signal System & Emergency Lighting Systems.

5. EPS & UPS Systems.


Battery Dimensions (mm) of the 12v 150ah solar gel battery


Nominal Voltage (V)

12 (6 cells per unit)

Design Floating Life @ 20℃ (68℉)

12 Years

Nominal Capacity @20℃

150Ah @ 10 hour rate

Dimensions (mm)

L485mm× W172mm× H240mm

Approx. Weight

43.0kg (94.8 Ibs)

Terminal Type

Female Copper Insert M8 (torque: 10~12N.m)

Internal Resistance

Approx. 0.0035 Ohm (fully charged @20℃)

Max. Charge Current


Max. Discharge Current (5S)

1000 A

Short Circuit Current

3400 A

Self Discharge

Approx. 3% per month @ 20℃

Ambient Temperature

Discharge: -15~50℃

Charge: -15~40℃

Storage: -15~40℃

Float Charge Voltage (20~25℃)

13.6-13.8V (-3mV/ cell/ ℃)

Equalize and Cycle Use Charge Voltage (20~25℃)

14.4-14.8V (-5mV/ cell/ ℃)

Container Material

ABS (UL94-V0 optional)

Specifications of the 12v 150ah solar gel battery

Note: Batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25 degrees Celsius. Self-discharge ratio is less than 3% per month at 25 degrees Celsius. Please charge batteries before use.


Battery Discharge Table of the 12v 150ah solar gel battery


Characteristics of the 12v 150ah solar gel battery




Discharge Current VS. Discharge Voltage

Final Discharge

Voltage V/cell






Current I/A





Maintenance & Cautions

Cycle service

※ Avoid battery over discharge, especially battery series connection use.

※ Charged with recommend voltage, ensure battery can be full recharged.

In general, recharge capacity should be 1.1-1.15 times discharge capacity.

※ Effect of temperature on cycle charge voltage: -5mV/℃/Cell.

※ There are a number of factors that will affect the length of cyclic service.

The most significant are depth of discharge, ambient temperature,

Discharge rate, and the battery recharge mode.

Generally speaking, the most important factor is depth of discharge.


Production Lines






Packing& Delivery





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FAQ of the 12v 150ah solar gel battery

Q: Is it OK for your company to print my logo on the battery?

A: Yes, we can do OEM order, please send us your logo before we begin production.

Q: Is your gel batteries are dangerous goods during transportation? 
A: No, our batteries own MSDS and transportation approval etc certificates.

Q: What is Gel battery?
A: A gel battery design is typically a modification of the standard lead acid automotive or marine battery. A gelling agent is added to the electrolyte to reduce movement inside the battery case. Many gel batteries also use one way valves in place of open vents, this helps the normal internal gasses to recombine back into water in the battery, reducing gassing. "Gel Cell" batteries are non-spillable even if they are broken. Gel cells must be charged at a lower voltage (C/20) than flooded or AGM to prevent excess gas from damaging the cells. Fast charging them on a conventional automotive charger may be permanently damage a Gel Battery.


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