2V 800Ah OPzS Tubular Lead Acid Battery

2V 800Ah OPzS Tubular Lead Acid Battery

We supply 2v 800ah opzs tubular lead acid battery.
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Voltage: 2V Capacity: 100AH to 3000AH Service life: Designed floating service life 20 years at 20℃ /

68℉ Designed cycle life more cycles at 80% DOD at 20℃.


Features of the 2v 800ah opzs tubular lead acid battery

◇Flooded series

◇Tubular plate

◇Wide operation temperature range

◇Easy storage, less maintenance

◇Using ABS plastic shell and valve technology for safety use

◇Manufactured according to DIN40736 and IEC60896 standards

◇Suitable for all standard types of installation


Applications for:

Telecommunication, mobile communication, network, railway signaling, airport etc.

Electrical power systems and nuclear power stations.

Maritime standby power on ships and ashore

Energy storage for solar and wind alternative power generation.

Large UPS and computer back-up, medical equipment and emergency lighting system, etc.


Specifications of the 2v 800ah opzs tubular lead acid battery



Battery Dimensions (mm) of the 2v 800ah opzs tubular lead acid battery



Battery Discharge Table of the 2v 800ah opzs tubular lead acid battery


Characteristics of the 2v 800ah opzs tubular lead acid battery





Production Process



Complied standards


Packing& Delivery


Why Choose Us ?

1.  Competitive cost  --- We have our own complete production lines

2.  Quality assurance --- Strictly inspection and 100% pass testing

3.  Supply capability --- With advanced production equipment and technology

4.  More payment terms --- T/T, Western union, L/C, Paypal, Cash etc

5.  Fast and good delivery service --- We cooperated with professional forwarders

6. Prompt reply --- Any question or inquiries will be replied within 24hours

7. Technical support --- We provide technical support for installation and training


FAQ of the 2v 800ah opzs tubular lead acid battery

Q: Does this OPZS battery maintenance-free?

A: This is the OPZS flooded battery which needs maintenance; for easy and safety transportation, we will suggest customers to purchase battery without electrolyte(acid), when customers receive the batteries they can add acid by themselves.

Q: What about the delivery time of your opzs flooded battery?
A: OPZS and OPZV both batteries takes little longer than 12v standard batteries, usually it takes about 30days after receipt of advanced payment.

Q: What is MOQ of your battery?
A: Usually customers will purchase at lesat one group of batteries, which means 24V or 48V battery bank, it includes 12pcs or 24pcs for each group.

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