(BIPV) Advantages of building integrated PV

- Jan 25, 2019-

At present, in the urban investment projects for photovoltaic power plants, the use of photovoltaic building integration can save resources, save space, and make solar truly integrated with urban buildings. BIPV modules, namely Building Integrated PV, are photovoltaic building integration.

 BIPV Solar panels

The BIPV building is first and foremost a building. It is the architect's artwork. The key to its success is the appearance of the building. In BIPV buildings, we can hide junction boxes, bypass diodes, connecting wires, etc. in the curtain wall structure through related design. This will prevent direct sunlight and rain erosion, and will not affect the appearance of the building, achieve the perfect combination with the building, and realize the concept of the architects.


BIPV panels not only need to meet the performance requirements of PV modules, but also meet the experimental requirements of the curtain wall and the building safety performance requirements. Therefore, it is required to have higher mechanical properties and different structural modes than ordinary components. The double-glass solar module used in BIPV building is composed of two pieces of tempered glass, and the integral parts of the lead ends are connected by wires in parallel and in parallel. The thickness of tempered glass is the result of strict mechanical calculations in accordance with national building codes and curtain wall specifications. The superiority of the EVA film in the middle of the assembly in terms of adhesion, durability, optical properties, etc., makes it more and more widely used in current components and various optical products.


The BIPV panel building is a close combination of photovoltaic modules and glass curtain walls. Since the curtain wall was developed inChinafor more than 30 years, various curtain wall forms have relatively mature design and installation techniques.


BIPV buildings can provide sufficient area for solar systems, without requiring additional land, and can also save the support structure of PV systems; solar silicon cells are solid-state semiconductor devices, no rotating parts when generating electricity, no noise, no impact on the environment Pollution; BIPV buildings can be used on their own, reducing the cost and energy consumption of the power transmission process. Moreover, the strong sunshine is just the peak period of electricity consumption. In addition to ensuring the use of electricity in its own building, the BIPV solar system may supply power to the grid under certain conditions, so as to alleviate the peak power demand and have great social benefits. Severe air pollution caused by general fossil fuel power generation is extremely important for today and the future with higher environmental requirements.