Can live in the Arctic Circle if with solar panels?

- Feb 07, 2019-

With solar panels, can live in the Arctic? The answer is certainly yes, yes!

I once saw a couple of Norwegian couples, with their children, built a glass house of their own ecosystem in the Arctic Circle. Built with a mixture of sand, clay and hay, it also comes with an irrigation system that can be used to grow flowers and vegetables. In order to cope with the harsh climate of the Arctic Circle and maintain the indoor temperature, they also made a glass dome on the outside of the house. And all the energy in the glass house comes from a huge solar panel.

 solar panels

After reading it, everyone must be thinking that the countries in the Arctic Circle are covered with snow and ice all year round, and in the winter, the daytime will become extremely short, and even the night will appear, so how does the solar panel play its role? This is to talk about the working principle of solar panels.

A solar panel is composed of one or more solar cells into a solar panel. A solar cell is a semiconductor device that converts light into electrical characteristics. It converts solar radiant energy irradiated on its surface into direct current. Solar panels are the most basic components in photovoltaic power generation systems/products, and are also solar photovoltaics the core part of the power generation system. Its greatest role is to convert solar energy into electrical energy for storage in the battery. So the solar panels in the extreme nights don't have to worry about the night when the solar panels can't work.

Knowing the working principle of solar panels, its main advantages must be understood:

Advantage 1: Power saving, the electricity generated by solar panels is free;

Advantage 2: Switch to solar energy because it is green, renewable energy, and reduce carbon emissions;

Advantage 3: Solar panels are virtually maintenance-free. After installing the panels, you need to keep them clean and check if any trees cover the solar PV array. When solar panels are installed on the roof, it is easier to install and clean, as rain can help clean the system.


Having said that, do you want to build a sun room that embraces nature at all times? Don't hesitate, come and find us, we will meet all your needs!