Classification and characteristics of solar water pumps

- Jan 25, 2019-

Solar water pump is the most attractive water supply in the sun-rich areas of the world, especially in remote areas where electricity and electricity are scarce. Using solar energy that is available everywhere and inexhaustible, the system is fully automatic and sunrise, sunset Break, no need for personnel to take care of, maintenance workload can be minimized, is an ideal green energy system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.


So what are the classifications and characteristics of solar water pumps?


1. In the solar pumping system where the AC asynchronous motor drives the pump with large power (for example, when the power is greater than 10KW or more), the drive motor still has three-phase AC asynchronous motor, and the asynchronous motor usually adopts the wet sheath winding. Due to the structural characteristics of low tank fullness, the efficiency is usually much lower than that of DC permanent magnet brushless motors of the same power, but its construction is relatively simple and relatively inexpensive, and oil-immersed motors are not suitable for water supply systems that provide both human and animal drinking water. In the middle, there is still a certain demand. It can fully consider the characteristics of long-term unattended, fully automatic operation of photovoltaic water pump outdoors, and give special considerations in heat dissipation, dust prevention, lightning protection and various special protection measures (such as dry protection). The structure is much more economical and reliable.


2. DC permanent magnet brushless motor driven water pump DC motor has been widely used in motion control systems due to its good mechanical characteristics, wide speed range, large starting torque, high operating efficiency and simple control, but its power Brushes and phase shifters also present weaknesses such as low reliability and frequent maintenance. However, this kind of motor has high efficiency which is not easily realized by a general AC motor, and it is expected to reduce the amount of solar cells which are relatively expensive at present, and has remarkable economy.


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