Cost and benefits of home photovoltaic solar power generation

- Mar 25, 2019-

The cost of home solar power generation depends on three factors:


1. Installed capacity: How to calculate the installed capacity of your home? Mainly look at two points: monthly electricity consumption and installable area. According to the current actual power consumption situation, it is more economical to judge how many kilowatts of PV power plants need to be installed. It is also possible to build a power station with a slightly higher power, so that the inexhaustible electricity can be sold to the country grid power company.


2, equipment costs: namely solar inverters, solar panels, etc., different home solar photovoltaic power generation installation companies have their own pricing standard, the current reasonable cost of solar system construction is generally about 8-10 RMB per watt and it becomes more cheaper these two years. Photovoltaic modules account for about 49% of the total investment, inverters and other electrical equipment account for about 10%, and cables and brackets each account for about 10%. These sub-items account for a high proportion.

Home solar power system station


3, solar power station revenue: home solar photovoltaic power generation benefits include three parts: 1, subsidies to make money: state subsidies 0.42 RMB / kWh + provincial subsidies + city and county subsidies (slightly different), whether they use or sell As long as the electricity is subsidized. 2, save electricity costs: power generation for their own use, no need to pay electricity bills, is equal to making money. 3, selling electricity to make money: the endless electricity sold to the country, the price of electricity sold in accordance with the local coal-fired desulfurization unit benchmark price, the local electricity prices are slightly different.