Customized semi-flexible solar panels with various specifications and sizes

- Jan 16, 2019-

The semi-flexible sunpower solar panel is made up of parallel and parallel cells. It is made of anti-adhesive surface, high anti-fouling, easy-to-clean film-coated PET material, anti-aging EVA and excellent fire-resistant TPT. It has light weight and high efficiency and long life, easy installation and strong corrosion resistance. The flexible sunpower solar panel is a 110W flexible solar panel. TheUSimported SunPower 125*125mm monocrystalline silicon cell is used to generate semiconductors. The cell efficiency is 24.2%, which is the current conversion efficiency of 24.2% commercial silicon wafer raw materials. The surface has no soldering strip, which makes it not only more efficient and more beautiful than ordinary solar cells. Since the battery sheet itself can be properly bent, the solar panel is not easily damaged by proper bending.


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