Deep cycle battery

- Jul 09, 2018-

Deep cycle battery

The deep cycle battery means that the battery capacity can be very low when the battery is discharged, and it will not have a very big impact on the life of the battery itself; for the ordinary starter battery which you can not often deep discharge, if often deep Discharged, it is very harmful to the battery itself.

The role of deep cycle batteries is to provide a more stable current for a longer period of time.

According to the different environments, the battery design application direction is different. For example, the common AGM battery, GEL battery, pure lead battery, GAZ battery, iron lithium battery, etc.

Regular manufacturers can provide 'number of cycles VS DOD'' parameter table (DOD (Depth of Discharge) is the discharge depth of the battery), this parameter table can be seen how many cycles of the battery at a certain depth of discharge.

Under normal circumstances, at a certain depth of discharge, the battery performance of the relatively high cycle number is superior. For example, the OPZV gel battery of a regular professional company generally has more than 1200 cycles under 80% DOD. Some battery in AGM series batteries can reach more than 1000 times.