Do household photovoltaic power plants need lightning protection rod?

- Aug 10, 2018-

Need to install lightning rods in the household power station? Many people may answer, yes! There is better than nothing! But the role of the lightning rod (a type of lightning receptor) is to sacrifice yourself, protect others, let the lightning current through his body through his comrades down the line and the ground pole to drain, play a protective role. The lightning rod is very useful, and the answer seems to be very simple. The household power station needs a lightning rod! But is this the case?


Rural household photovoltaics have two characteristics:

First, the roof is mostly short. The probability of being struck by lightning is very low. In addition, there are many high signal towers, poles, trees and other high-rise structures in the village, which makes the probability of direct lightning strikes lower!

Second, the roof area is limited. In this way, we do not have enough spacing to install the lightning rod, because in order to prevent lightning strikes, the lightning rod should be more than 5 meters away from the component, especially the sloping roof. If this is not enough, if the "pseudo lightning rod" is installed, then more likely to be a fire! Therefore, it is not recommended to install lightning rod devices in rural houses.


In light of the actual situation, the National People's Republic recommended that household photovoltaics need to install lightning rods in two situations: one is where there is a lot of thunderstorms; the other is that the roof is a higher building in the surrounding environment.


If it is the above two conditions, you can install a lightning rod device 5 meters away from the component. When installing, remember that it cannot constitute a shadow block on the power station. Second, the down channel must be unblocked, and the grounding resistance meets the requirements.