Double glass solar module

- Feb 08, 2019-

With the rapid development of the solar module industry, many new energy companies have introduced many high-performance products for their own development, such as double-glass solar panels. Here, we will introduce the photovoltaic double-glass solar modules.

 double glass solar modules

The double-glass photovoltaic module refers to a PV cell assembly formed by two glass and solar cells, which are formed by a string of wires and connected in parallel to the lead ends. The industry believes that the double-glass panels provide the best solution for high-quality solar power plants.


The double-glass solar panel has good water-blocking rate and durability, and can meet the requirements of transparent modules. It can be widely used in agricultural solar complementary, fish-solar complementary, forest-photovoltaic hybrid projects, especially in photovoltaic glass greenhouses. It not only realizes solar power generation, but also realizes the cultivation of crops in the greenhouse, which increases the comprehensive income. These "photovoltaic +" application modes give the green and ecological properties unique to the double glass solar modules.


Of course, there are many applications and advantages of double-glass solar modules. The double-glass panels are designed to meet the high-speed development requirements of the solar module industry and help the development of the photovoltaic industry!