Fire alarm system, really important for the power plant

- Jan 11, 2019-

Consider setting up a small fire alarm system in the 10kV/110kV booster station area and each transformer room, including detection devices (point or cable detectors, manual alarms), centralized alarms, power supply units and linkage signals. The device and the like, wherein the alarm device is arranged in the main control room of the boosting station, and the detecting point is directly connected to the centralized alarm device.

 small solar panels

After a fire alarm occurs in the equipment and room and each inverter room in the 10kV/110kV booster station area, the centralized alarm tube immediately emits an audible and visual signal, and records the fire alarm address and time. After confirmation, the corresponding fire protection facilities can be manually activated. Organize fire fighting. It is proposed to use the linkage control method to control the linkage of the main control room and the distribution room's ventilator and air conditioner in the booster station, and monitor the feedback signal.


CCTV and wall security systems (1) CCTV and wall security systems


According to the large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power station with large area, scattered layout, wide boundary area of the station area, etc., CCTV can be installed in the booster station, the solar cell array, the inverter site, and other places such as the national wall. The monitoring point selects the fixed focus or zoom monitoring lens according to the state or characteristics of different monitoring objects; and sets the on-beam infrared alarm fence security system at the wall of the station area. The video signals of each CCTV surveillance point are processed, distributed and transmitted to the monitor terminals in the main control room through the image broadband network, and are networked to form a unified TV surveillance system covering the scope of the project, and reserved the interface for future expansion projects.


The infrared alarm fence security system can be connected with the closed-circuit television monitoring system to realize the alarm linkage: When the fence security system alarms, the closed-circuit TV monitor terminal of the main control room will automatically switch to the alarm position as the surveillance image of the district city and realize the audible alarm. And display the name of the alarm location.