Fishing farming and photovoltaic power generation complement each other

- Jan 15, 2019-

''Solar and fishery complement each other'', as the name implies, is the mutual complementation of fish farming and photovoltaic power generation to achieve harmonious development. By breeding fish and shrimps, chickens and ducks and other excellent agricultural and livestock species under the water surface panels, some open fields plant crops such as fruit trees, forming a pattern of “upper power generation and fish culture”.


Photovoltaic agriculture and fishery photovoltaics have successfully solved the problem of large-scale application of photovoltaic power plants in easternChina: the eastern regions are mostly cultivated land, and the development of photovoltaic power alone is not only difficult to obtain land indicators, but also the cost is unbearable. The new model problem of “developing ecological agriculture in the shed, developing ecological agriculture in the shed” or “water power generation in the fish pond shoal wetland” will be solved. There is no problem of land indicators, and the huge cost per 10,000 yuan can be saved. Therefore, promoting photovoltaic agriculture or fishery photovoltaics in the central and eastern regions can not only solve the land use problem of large-scale distributed energy, but also effectively reduce the grid investment of long-distance power transmission, and fundamentally solve the problem of power shortage in the eastern economically developed regions.