Gel battery

- Jul 10, 2018-

Gel battery

Gel batteries are a developmental classification of lead-acid batteries by adding a gelling agent to the sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electrolyzed into a colloidal state. A battery in which electro-hydraulic is gelled is often referred to as a colloidal battery. The difference between colloidal batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries is further developed from the initial understanding of electrolyte gelation to the electrochemical properties of electrolyte substrates and their application in grids and active materials. Its most important feature is: to produce a better battery with a small industrial cost, its discharge curve is straight, the turning point is high, its energy and power are more than 20% larger than conventional lead-acid batteries, and the life is generally conventional lead. The acid battery is about twice as long, and the high temperature and low temperature characteristics are much better.

The most important features of gel batteries are as follows:

1: The inside of the gel battery is mainly a porous network structure of SiO2, and there are a large number of tiny gaps, so that the oxygen generated by the positive electrode of the battery can smoothly migrate to the negative electrode plate, so that the negative electrode can be absorbed and combined;

2: The amount of acid in the gel battery is large, so its capacity is basically the same as that of the AGM battery;

3: The internal resistance of the gel battery is large, and generally does not have good high current discharge characteristics;

4: The heat is easy to spread, it is not easy to heat up, and the probability of heat loss is small;

Basic characteristics

It adopts flat plate and special lead paste formula, colloidal electrolyte, no liquid stratification, no need for balanced charged, self-discharge rate is stronger than ordinary lead-acid battery, battery deep discharge capacity greatly exceeds ordinary battery, adaptability to temperature also greatly enhanced!

Common specifications

At present, the common gel batteries inChinaare 50AH~3000AH of 2V series, 100AH\200AH of 6V series, 33AH~250AH of 12V series.