How about installing solar panels on an electric car?

- Jan 28, 2019-

Hongwu Road saw a homemade solar electric car. This is an ordinary three-wheeled electric car, but above the rear seat, there are several poles that support an electric car solar panel."

 electric vehicles install solar panels

The owner said: "The solar energy on this electric car is his own idea. As long as there is the sun, I don't worry about the car running out of power. It doesn't matter how far I want to run. I am an electrician. Don't look at me, I am old. I like to go online and like to think about new things. One day I was riding an electric car and found that there was no electricity. I was very tired. I thought about whether I could install a solar energy for the electric car. I felt envious of driving others on the road. I am worried that if I want to test my driver's license and I can't take the subject, I decided to develop a car myself, so I am not afraid to ride a long road."


I started to check the information on the Internet. After learning about the knowledge of electric vehicle solar panels, he began to buy materials online. The solar cell electric board adopts the photoelectric conversion principle to convert the sunlight into electric energy, which is convenient and quick, saves environmental protection, prolongs the service life of the battery, and escorts your car. The average 100W can last for 10-20 kilometers.


The solar panel is packaged in tempered glass, which is durable, resistant to hail, waterproof and shockproof. It has a service life of up to 25 years, a warranty period of 5 years and a controller warranty of 1 year. Accessories and functions of electric vehicle solar panels:


1. Solar panels for electric vehicles: charge batteries for electric vehicles, protect batteries, and extend battery life;


2, controller: intelligent charge and discharge protection, fully charged automatically cut off flexible flexible battery board charging;


3. Connected cables: connect the solar panels, controller and electric vehicle battery.


Through the above introduction, the advantages of installing solar panels on electric vehicles are many, and the advantages of solar panels themselves are also perfectly combined with electric vehicles. For more information about photovoltaics, you can check other contents of this station.