How do new energy cars use the solar panels?

- Jan 25, 2019-

Are you still driving a gasoline-powered four-wheeler? It may be behind the times. New energy vehicles such as electric, hydrogen fuel, solar energy, etc. will lead the future, and the second round will change to the second round. Without a driver, it is easy to get on the road. In the future, unmanned electric vehicles, all solar-powered vehicles, two-wheeled electric vehicles and other new vehicles that show future driving "opened into" the outdoor exhibition area, which is an eye-opener. The most important thing is the electric vehicle solar panels. The solar powered car is charging while running.

 rooftop solar panels

In Beijing, electric cars have entered the homes of ordinary people, but few have seen solar cars.


Pure electric new energy vehicles can achieve zero pollution during operation and do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. The maximum power of the motor is 60 kW, and the noise and vibration level of the motor during operation are much smaller than those of the conventional internal combustion engine. In the case of idle speed and low speed, the comfort of pure electric new energy vehicles is much higher than that of traditional cars. As the speed increases, tire noise and wind noise become the main source of noise, and the two return to the same level. Today, with high oil prices, the operating costs of new energy vehicles are much smaller than those of traditional cars.


Electric vehicle solar panels make full use of the roof space, and the thin and light panels are better integrated with the streamlined body. Under certain lighting conditions, the solar energy converted into electrical energy is stored in the battery, and the battery life is generally 30-40 kilometers.


With the continuous development of the new energy automobile industry, there are more and more new energy vehicles on the market, and in order to develop new energy vehicles, the state does not have so many restrictions on the purchase of new energy vehicles, plus today’s big cities. The car environment and parking space, a small, affordable new energy car is very popular.


Good new energy's electric cars solar panels adopt photoelectric conversion principle to convert solar light into electric energy, which is convenient and quick, saves environmental protection, prolongs battery life, and escorts your car. The average 100W can last for 10-20 kilometers.


Our solar panels are housed in tempered glass and are durable, resistant to hail, waterproof and shockproof.