How to check the quality of the solar panel is good or not?

- Jan 16, 2019-

There are three levels of A B C for the selection of the solar cells, and sure the A grade is better. However, the advantages and disadvantages of the solar panel cannot be completely determined. The processing technology and material selection of the components determine the overall performance and life of the solar panel assembly to some extent. Choose to be cautious and see if there is any TUV, IEC, CE etc certifications, the quality of certification is guaranteed. Normally, you can also observe the advantages and disadvantages through the surface:


1. Look closely at the surface of the tempered glass. In order to increase the production speed, small manufacturers often do not care about the silica gel that is inadvertently dropped on the surface of the tempered glass. If it is not removed, the power generation efficiency of the panel will be reduced.


2. Check the solar cells


Many irregular manufacturers use broken cells pieces to form a seemingly complete cell piece for welding. This method is very risky, and may not be obvious at the beginning, but the spliced cell piece is easy to be disconnected again later, affecting the use of the whole piece solar panel.


3. Check the back


Look at the quality of the back pressure, there is no unevenness after the pressure, such as bubbles, wrinkles and the like.


4. Check the border


Due to the low barriers to entry in the solar panel industry, many small manufacturers use manual frame-cutting methods. Because of the unevenness of the frame every time, the frame is not tightly touched, and the shape is not strictly rectangular. The degree is also greatly reduced.


5. See the silicone


Look at whether the silicone around the back is evenly distributed, and whether it penetrates tightly into the gap between the backboard and the frame.


6. Check the welding


Carefully observe the strand welding of the battery sheet for leakage welding. At the same time, it is necessary to see if the arrangement of the cells is regular.


7. Check the junction box


Finally, see if the junction box is firm, and whether the junction box cover can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box; see if the wire lock is free to rotate and can be tightened.


In summary, the quality control points of solar panels are more and more, and the quality should be judged from the subtleties.