How to choose the more efficient grid-connected solar inverters?

- Jan 16, 2019-

The grid-connected solar panel inverter is used as an interface device between the photovoltaic solar panel assembly and the power grid, and converts the DC power of the photovoltaic solar panel into AC power and transmits it to the grid, it plays a vital role on starting from the photovoltaic grid-connected solar panel power generation system.


There are two kinds of inverters for household grid-connected solar panels. One is a solar panel string-type grid-connected photovoltaic inverter with a minimum power of 1 kW and an input voltage ranging from 150 to 550V. The other is a miniature grid-connected PV inverter, generally used in the AC220V voltage class, the power is between 200 ~ 500W, the input voltage range is 12 ~ 28V. The usage of two solar panels grid-connected inverters is very different. Group-type grid-connected solar panel PV inverters are generally large in size and suitable for wall mounting. The miniature grid-connected PV inverters are compact and generally installed near the solar panel assembly (can be mounted on the bracket below the battery pack), household distributed grid-connected solar panel photovoltaic power generation system can choose.


The main parameters of the inverter configured with grid-connected solar panels are maximum input power, maximum input voltage, rated input voltage, starting voltage, MPPT voltage range, and output grid voltage:


1. The maximum input power is a limit value, and the peak power of the photovoltaic solar panel assembly should be about 90% of this value.


2. The maximum input voltage corresponds to the open circuit voltage of the solar panel assembly, and the open circuit voltage of the solar panel assembly array is set to be smaller than this value.


3. The rated input voltage corresponds to the operating voltage of the photovoltaic solar panel assembly, which can have a certain range of deviation.


4. The starting voltage refers to the voltage point at which the grid-connected solar panel inverter starts to work. When the sunlight is too weak, the inverter does not work.


The 5MPPT voltage range is a function of a grid-connected inverter set for the characteristics of the solar panel. It automatically adjusts the input voltage and current of the inverter so that the product of voltage and current is the power reaching a large value. This voltage range Very wide, inverter solar panels with this function are more efficient to use.


After reading this, I believe that you have a certain understanding of how to configure the inverter for solar panels. For more information about solar panels, please continue to pay attention to our company.