How to maintain solar power system?

- Jan 28, 2019-

When the solar power station was built, detailed maintenance work began. In order to facilitate the normal operation of the solar panel power station, generally includes several aspects.

 solar power system

First, photovoltaic module array


Keep the PV module array surface clean. It can be cleaned once according to the local conditions. Use clean water and dry with a soft and clean cloth. Never use corrosive solvents. The best time is morning and evening. Regularly check the connection between the PV module connection and the policy bracket for abnormality. If it is resolved in time, record the specific installation position of the component in the PV array.


Second, the battery pack


The battery pack is the weakest link in the PV power plant. The maintenance personnel of the power station should periodically charge the battery evenly, usually 2~3 times per quarter. For the battery that has been deactivated for a long time. In the winter, the insulation of the battery room should be done. In the summer, the ventilation of the battery room should be done. The temperature of the battery room should be controlled between 5 °C and 25 °C. Every year, the battery should be repaired for 1~2 times, mainly to measure and record the parameters such as the voltage and internal resistance of the battery.


Third, DC controller and inverter


Check for abnormality in the long-term, check whether the operating parameter point of the controller is consistent with the design value.


Fourth, lightning protection device


This is a very important device. Check whether the square-array current box and the lightning protection device installed in each device are invalid after the thunderstorm or before the thunderstorm season, and replace it as needed.


Fifth, check the low-voltage distribution line at all times.


To complete the maintenance of the above solar power plants, it is inseparable from the employees and technicians who are responsible, the local leaders can often train the staff to let them master the functions and principles of the equipment they are vying for, so as to solve the problem more accurately.