How to optimize design for high-efficiency solar panels?

- Jan 17, 2019-

Solar power system engineering is devoted to research and development of photovoltaic power system integration technology and its application. It uses system engineering principles and methods to carry out photovoltaic system modeling, system analysis, system design, system simulation, system construction, system operation and maintenance management. , system forecasting, system evaluation and system decision-making, etc., the pursuit of more optimized technical solutions, better cost performance, more reliable operation and maintenance management, in order to achieve the best economic and environmental benefits. The main research contents are as follows:


(1) How the system optimizes the design, including design principles and methods, specific system design, design software tools, and practical cases:


(2) How to properly configure the system, including the necessary solar energy resources, solar cell and its application system balancing components, the performance characteristics of the various components of the system and their correlation, constraints and options, and the integration of system integration technology Knowledge of the device;

(3) How to implement the PV system project carefully, including the installation and construction of the standard compliance, the inspection and debugging, the precautions for component installation, the lightning protection, grounding, wind resistance, anti-cracking, anti-corrosion, fire prevention and safety protection on the roof and ground. ;


(4) How long-term operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. Including a series of software and hardware measures such as centralized monitoring system and inspection diagnosis, solar panel cleaning, tilt adjustment, and operation and maintenance management rules.