How to use the car inverter

- Jun 04, 2018-

1. Insert the car inverter into the car cigarette lighter socket. When inserting, check the tightness between the plug and the socket. When it is too loose, open the tabs on both sides of the plug and insert it into the cigarette socket.

2. Check if the power indicator of the vehicle inverter is lit.

3. Insert the power plug of the appliance to be used into the socket of the car power converter.


1. When unplugging the electrical plug in continuous use, be sure to confirm whether the switch of the electrical appliance has been set at “OFF” before unplugging the power plug.

2. Be sure to use fuses of the same type and size when replacing the fuses of the vehicle inverter. Use of fuses or wires other than the specified specifications may cause abnormal overheating and fire.

3. Clean the dirt on the vehicle-mounted inverter plug in time so as not to cause poor contact or abnormal overheating of the converter.

4. After using or not using the car inverter, remove the car inverter from the cigarette socket and keep it properly.

The choice of vehicle inverter

The on-vehicle inverter is a power product that operates in a large current and high frequency environment, and its potential failure rate is quite high. Therefore, consumers must be careful when buying:

First of all, from the inverter output waveform selection, it is best not to be lower than the quasi-sine wave;

Second, the inverter must have a complete circuit protection function;

Third, manufacturers must have a good after-sales service commitment;

Fourth, circuits and products have been tested for some time.

1. In addition to the price factor, the main considerations are the onboard power supply's requirements on the input voltage and the output power. In addition, because the power of various electrical appliances varies greatly, the vehicle power supply must be selected according to the demand. It is enough for the main purpose.

2, according to the type of electrical appliances used to choose the appropriate car power supply, for everyday resistive electrical selection square wave, correction wave, sine wave can be used together, for the inductive use of electrical appliances must choose sine wave inverter Device.

3, square wave / correction wave inverter power supply can not bring inductive and capacitive load, can not drive the air conditioner, refrigerator, it is difficult to provide power for high-quality audio TV. Strictly speaking, the square wave/correction wave inverter power supply will affect the service life of electrical appliances. These problems do not occur when using sine wave inverters.

4, the general car cigarette lighter insurance is 10A or 15A (10A insurance is mostly old models or imported models), which shows that the general car can use the car inverter power supply is 120W or 180W . If you need high-power inverters (over 180W or 200W), be sure to check if there is a battery clip in the package. There is a limit to the use of high-power inverters without battery clips in cars.

5, the general car power supply in the cigarette lighter will have insurance, automotive supplies Qi Qi network to remind when buying must open look at this insurance and car cigarette lighter insurance is not matched (in theory, less than or equal to cigarette lighter (insurer insurance), so that the cigarette lighter's insurance can play a role, otherwise the car cigarette lighter will burn the insurance, will cause unnecessary trouble.