Install high-efficiency solar panels on street lights without periodic cleaning

- Jan 17, 2019-

Structure Principle of High-Efficiency Solar Panel Power Generation High-performance solar panel components are mounted on street lamps through brackets and form a solar panel square array after series and parallel connection. The square array of solar panels absorbs sunlight and generates direct current, which is converted into an alternating current for household appliances through the inverter, and the remaining electrical energy can be stored in the battery.


The principle of solar panel power generation:


The sun shines on the semiconductor p-n junction, forming a new hole-electron pair. Under the action of the p-n junction electric field, the hole flows from the p region to the n region, and the electron flows from the n region to the p region, and a current is formed after the circuit is turned on. This is how the photovoltaic solar panels work. There are two ways to generate solar panels, one is the light-thermal-electric conversion method, and the other is the light-electric direct conversion method.


As we know, high-efficiency solar panels, powered by sunlight, emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, absorb heat from the atmosphere and raise surface temperatures. Since the Industrial Revolution, these have caused unprecedented global climate change, including droughts, wildfires, storms, hurricanes and floods.


In contrast, the use of solar panels to provide electricity through photovoltaic modules does not release any harmful gases because the source of fuel is sunlight. There will be only a small amount of emissions during the manufacture of photovoltaic modules and the transportation of materials.


The PV ribbon in high-efficiency solar panels is a key component and an important factor in improving the efficiency and durability of solar panels. The high efficiency and durability of solar panels can only be achieved with high quality PV ribbons that are properly installed in solar panels. High-quality PV ribbons also increase solar panel production efficiency and reduce scrap rates. The quality of PV ribbons and their soldering of solar cells are important factors in ensuring solar panel efficiency and durability.