Installation and revenue of home photovoltaic power plants

- Feb 10, 2019-

Nowadays, home solar power systems have become a hot long-term investment. However, many customers do not know much about the power generation system, they often have the following doubts: how to install a home solar power system? Is it the electricity that is sent out, and the only money I can earn if I can’t use it to sell to the national grid?


a) How to install the power generation system? How do you know how many kWhs have been generated? Which ones are being used by themselves?


If you are interested in installing a small power station at home, it is recommended that after understanding some basic conditions, first ask a professional home PV project service agency to come to see if it is practical and to do a rough power station solution. Before the actual start of the work, first look for the national grid to apply, the grid company will give advice and guidance from the power access, if the access conditions are no problem, you can install it and the grid power company will help the agency to file the filing and other procedures.


If you apply to the grid company in advance, if the power station system is not standardized, the power generation situation is not ideal, or the access cannot be made, it will cause your loss. Because the safety of the grid is important, unqualified systems cannot be easily connected to the grid.


When your PV power station is fully built, the grid company will come to your home to install two meters for free, one of which is a two-way meter, which shows the amount of electricity generated by the household and the amount of electricity on the grid, and the other shows the amount of electricity generated by the photovoltaic system. In this way, how much electricity is generated in the PV system at home, and how much electricity is sold from the home, how much electricity is sold to the grid, it is clear!


b) Is it the electricity that is sent out, but the money I earned only if I can't use it to sell to the national grid?


Let's talk about the benefits of home PV power plants that everyone cares about. With a set of home photovoltaic power plants, you can earn money from the following three aspects:


First, the savings in electricity bills. Because the electricity used in your home comes from the amount of electricity generated by the home photovoltaic power station, electricity consumption is no longer required to be purchased from the grid as before, and high electricity bills can be avoided. For households with high demand for electricity, photovoltaic power generation can save you considerable electricity bills.


Second, the income from selling electricity. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic system can be directly sold to the national grid if it cannot be used at home. The on-grid price per kWh is 0.445 RMB.


Third, government subsidies. The Chinese government has given strong support to photovoltaic applications, providing a state subsidy for a period of 20 years with a quota of 0.42 RMB / kWh. In addition, the province and some districts and counties have also issued policies to provide subsidies for solar energy, residents can consult local government departments. .


The savings in electricity, electricity sales, and subsidy benefits are the ultimate benefits of home PV power plants.