Is it not worthwhile to install industrial and commercial photovoltaic power plants?

- Mar 10, 2019-

First of all, clearly tell everyone the answer: it is very worthwhile to install photovoltaic power stations for industry and commerce.


Follow the following points to talk about the basis of the above conclusions:


Analysis from the investment income that everyone cares most about


Conventional industry and commerce use a large amount of electricity, high electricity prices, and most of the peak electricity consumption during the daytime, the cost of electricity is high, under normal circumstances, the electricity price is more than 1 RMB. At present, the electricity generated by photovoltaic power plants has a power cost of about 0.13-0.17 RMB, so it can be seen intuitively that the cost advantage of solar energy is very obvious.


From the perspective of investment, the photovoltaic revenue of ordinary industrial and commercial enterprises can achieve annualized income of more than 25%. If the system with reasonable design optimization, the yield is even more than 30%. In other words, investing in a 1 million RMB solar power station can benefit more than 250,000 RMB a year, and this income can last for more than 20 years. At the same time, the power station is visible, property rights are controllable, and there is almost no risk. If it is purely financial, the benefits of this ratio are unavoidable.


Power quality of photovoltaic power plants


Many business owners are worried about the power generated by photovoltaic power plants before they invest in solar power plants, and can meet the power production needs. This concern can be left behind.


The PV power station converts the DC energy generated by the photovoltaic cell into AC energy with stable voltage and harmonic range through high-precision equipment photovoltaic inverter. The power quality will not be worse than that of the public power grid, otherwise it will not be satisfied by the network. At the same time, because the photovoltaic power station generates electric energy, the problem of local power shortage will be alleviated to some extent, thereby effectively alleviating the power supply. Moreover, the power of the photovoltaic power station will be complementary to the real-time energy of the public power grid, and the power of the factory will not be insufficient due to insufficient supply of photovoltaic power.


The legality of photovoltaic power plants


The electric energy produced by solar power plants belongs to green energy and is supported and encouraged by the state and local governments. It is often reflected in relevant policies.


Installation of photovoltaic power plants generally involves two departments of the Power Bureau and the National Development and Reform Commission, and will require that most of the procedural work be completed before the construction starts, and the investors will receive the official documents issued by the Power Bureau and the Development and Reform Commission. In this case, the owner’s rights will be protected by national law.


Social expected benefit


We build photovoltaic power plants on the roof, not only for the development and utilization of idle resources, but also for indoor temperature adjustment in summer.


At the same time, with the serious deterioration of the environment, the state vigorously promotes the development of green energy. For the large industrial and commercial electricity users, the renewable energy quota system will be implemented, which will promote the development and use of clean energy by enterprises from the administrative system. The solar power station will be the leader of green renewable energy, so the company's construction of photovoltaic power station will enhance the company's social image, and play a good role in promoting pollution reduction, reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.