Key equipment indispensable in solar panel photovoltaic power system

- Jan 14, 2019-

As we all know, the so-called solar systems are equipped with inverters, which are an AC device that converts solar panels into DC power. It has exactly the reverse transformation function of the hour-point device and is therefore called an inverter. The inverter is also called an inverter power supply.


A solar panel is a device that directly or indirectly converts solar cell radiant energy into electrical energy by photoelectric effect or photochemical effect by absorbing sunlight. The main material of most solar panels is “silicon”, but the cost is so large that it has certain limitations in its widespread use. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar panels are greener products that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


In photovoltaic power systems, solar panels generate direct current under sunlight, but systems powered by direct current have significant limitations. For example, most household appliances such as fluorescent lamps, televisions, refrigerators, and electric fans cannot be directly powered by DC power supplies, as are most power machines. In addition, when the power supply system needs to increase the voltage or reduce the voltage, the DC AC system only needs to add a transformer, and the open-buck technology and the device in the DC system have the same color as the inverter. Frequency, therefore, in addition to special users, in the photovoltaic power generation system need to be equipped with inverters, so the function can guarantee the power quality of solar panel photovoltaic power generation, such as pressing into the electricity room must also be synchronized with the electricity, solar panel photovoltaic Key equipment that is indispensable in power generation systems.