Large-scale photovoltaic power station cleaning machine

- Nov 26, 2018-

Large-scale photovoltaic power station cleaning machine, cleaning effect of photovoltaic waterless cleaning machine

 Photovoltaic power generation is now more and more common. Relatively speaking, the installed capacity in the western region is a little more. The sunshine in the western region is sufficient to maximize the photovoltaic power generation. The western region is especially like the desert region. In some mountainous areas ofTibet, photovoltaic panels are everywhere. However, in these areas, the climate is often dry and rainy, the wind and sand are large, and the sand and dust seriously affect the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation. It is necessary to use PV clear machines for regular cleaning.


Zhengzhou Derui Intelligent is also based on such a terrain installation environment for large-scale ground power stations, desert tunnel photovoltaic power plant cleaning machines, in the absence of water, high-efficiency photovoltaic panel cleaning work.


When using, the photovoltaic panel cleaning machine stays in the pre-installed bracket, called the parking area, and each side of each column of the photovoltaic panel is provided with a parking area position, so that when the photovoltaic panel is cleaned, each row of photovoltaics can be returned after cleaning. The original position can be realized on the PV module before and after, high and low misalignment, long distance cross-row cleaning work, cleaning distance up to 2000 meters, especially suitable for large distributed photovoltaic power plants and centralized photovoltaic power plants.

At present, most of the photovoltaic power station cleaning companies are still in the stage of manual cleaning. Water is the necessary resource for cleaning the panels. According to our experience, usually, the solar panels consume more than 1 liter per square meter of water, that is to say, For a 20 MW ground-based solar power station, plus the loss, the water consumption per cleaning should exceed 200 tons.

This intelligently developed this photovoltaic panel cleaning machine, which does not need water for cleaning work. This function is very good for water-poor areas and power stations facing water difficulties!