Main characteristics of lead-acid batteries

- Jul 02, 2018-

Main characteristics of lead-acid batteries

>Safety sealed

In normal operation, the electrolyte does not leak out of the terminals or housing of the battery. No free acid, the special aspirating separator keeps the acid inside and there is no free acid inside the battery, so the battery can be placed in any position.

>Deflating system

After the internal pressure of the battery exceeds the normal level, the VRLA battery will release excess gas and automatically reseal it to ensure that there is no excess gas in the battery.

>Simple maintenance

Since the gas compounding system converts the generated gas into water, no water is added during the use of the VRLA battery.

>Long lasting

A lead-calcium alloy VRLA battery with a corrosion-resistant structure can be floated for 10-15 years.

>Stable quality and high reliability

Using advanced production technology and strict quality control system, VRLA battery has stable quality and reliable performance. Voltage, capacity and seals are 100% tested on-line.

>Safety certificate

All VRLA batteries are UL listed.