Method for judging a solar panel is good or bad?

- Jan 05, 2019-

In the process of transportation, handling, installation, etc., the solar panels are easily trampled and impacted, resulting in hidden dangers of components, which greatly affect the function of the components. So how do you judge whether a solar panel is good or bad? The solar panels are composed of tempered glass, solar cells in series, eva, tpt, aluminum casing, and junction box. We also need to start from these parts during inspection and acceptance.


1. Look at the surface of the tempered glass. In order to increase the production speed, small manufacturers often inadvertently drop the silica gel on the surface of the tempered glass. The surface of the silica gel will reduce the power generation efficiency of the panel.


2. Look at the welding of solar cells. In order to save costs, some small manufacturers use broken battery sheets to weld them. This kind of battery assembly has great risks. If the battery sheets are not well spliced, it is easy to disconnect again in the later stage, which affects the use of the whole battery board. Large manufacturers use the battery chip string welding method, the welding is firm, and the arrangement is regular.


3. Look at the back. Look at the quality of the back pressure, there is no unevenness after the pressure, such as bubbles, wrinkles and the like.


4. Look at the border. Many small manufacturers use the manual frame method. Because the intensity of the frame is uneven every time, the contact degree of the frame is not uniform, and it cannot be a qualified rectangle, and the degree of firmness is greatly reduced.


5, look at the silica gel. Look at whether the silicone around the back is evenly distributed, and whether it penetrates tightly into the gap between the backboard and the frame.


6. Look at the junction box. Whether the junction box cover can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box; whether the outlet wire lock can rotate freely and can be tightened.


In summary, it can be seen that the quality control points of solar panels are more and more, we must judge the quality from the subtleties.