Operating instruction for three-phase inverter

- Sep 10, 2018-


Use to avoid injury or accident, please use or install it in strict accordance with the following instructions.

(1) When installing the inverter, it must be operated by a professional or assisted by a local dealer.

(2) Confirm whether the supply DC power supply voltage range meets the requirements and the voltage polarity is correct.

Note: Confirm that the load voltage input range meets the requirements of three-phase 5-wire 380AC and ensure that the phase sequence is correctly connected to the output socket.

(3) Do not allow liquid to flow into the inverter or wipe the machine casing with a damp cloth. The human body cannot be directly operated while the machine is running

Touch the inverter terminals, especially wet hands, otherwise it will cause electric shock.

(4) If the inverter that is in normal operation needs to change its working environment, it is not allowed to change its connection by itself. It should be professional.

Or the dealer confirms and operates.

(5) Do not throw the battery into the fire, or the battery will explode. And do not open or damage the battery, because the battery contains toxic and harmful substances to the human body.

(6) Minors may not use this product.

(7) The operating environment of the inverter should be used in a well ventilated environment with a temperature range of -15 to 50 degrees Celsius. Keep away from fire and direct sunlight. It cannot be operated in a harsh environment with condensation, dust, and high temperature.

(8) Do not block the blinds on the side of the inverter, and do not use the inverter (such as electric heater, radiator, etc.) beside the heat source. It should be used in a cool place.

(9) When the machine is connected to the indoor power network, ensure that the inverter ground wire is connected reliably; the wire diameter should meet the safe use conditions. If the wire diameter is too small, the wire will become hot, which will cause a fire; May be shortened.