PET glass laminated solar panel

- Jan 17, 2019-

About solar panel production process:


The solar panel assembly line is also called the packaging line. The package is a key step in the production of solar panels. Without a good packaging process, a good battery can not produce a good component board. The packaging of the solar panel not only ensures the life of the battery, but also enhances the impact strength of the battery. The high quality and longevity of the product is the key to winning customer satisfaction, so the packaging quality of the component solar panels is very important.


PET solar panels are one type of solar panel, but the packaging is different. The solar cell is cut into small pieces by a laser machine, arranged according to the voltage and current required by the customer, and then the single-layer transparent PET, EVA, solar cell, EVA, and PCB bottom plate are sequentially placed in the solar vacuum, and the laminating machine is pumped. Vacuum lamination, after about 20 minutes, put a soft transparent film on the surface to protect the surface, which made a solar PET laminated solar panel


PET solar panel use:


Such as solar lawn lights, solar wall lights, solar crafts, solar toys, solar radios, solar flashlights, solar cell phone chargers, solar small pumps, solar home / office power supplies and portable mobile power systems and other products.