Photovoltaic technology changes our life!

- Aug 20, 2018-

This list of solar products will refresh us!

 In recent years, with the continuous development of clean energy and its application technology, people began to study their innovation in product design. Among them, solar energy has attracted many designers around it to design a lot of fun and practical black technology products.

Teasing cat artifact: a solar toy that allows cats to play non-stop

No need for batteries, no need to manually, but can let the cat play non-stop, such a toy is really 666 ~ you just need to directly attach it to the glass window, you can use solar energy to make the cat stick back and forth, the shovel can finally Free your hands and take a rest~


Soul Cell collapsible solar creative lighting

The thing that looks like a chandelier is actually a collapsible solar luminaire. Solar panels are attached to the top to absorb energy from the sun for emergency use. And it is made of soft special material, which can be folded into a handbag when not in use, does not occupy extra space, and is convenient to carry and store.


Hanergy Solar Backpack with the charge

This solar backpack combines the world's leading CIGS film chips with backpacks in everyday life. In the sun, there is 10.6W of power generation, which can output 5V/1.7A power supply through dual USB. It can charge mobile phones, charging treasures and other electronic devices, so that you will always be "powerful", no longer afraid of sudden disconnection during travel. The electricity is not enough.


Solar coking printer

When the sun shines on the skin, it stimulates and activates the melanocytes in the skin, making the skin black. This phenomenon is "ah, in the eyes of ordinary people, to sunburn, hurry up the sun!" In the eyes of designers, this is an inspiration for product design.

Several designers have proposed the concept of Tanning Printer. Designers envisioned that coking printers can be powered by solar energy without using ink cartridges, and can be printed on white paper using the principle of coking. Of course, this is only an idea at present, and I believe that it can really be realized in the near future.


Cumulous Parasol Solar Inflatable Parasol

This is a parasol that uses solar energy to automatically inflate. When there is no sun, it will automatically close up. Once the sun comes out, it will inflate the umbrella surface, which will make you cool, handsome and "smart".

The use of solar energy is of course not only used in the design of daily necessities, but also in combination with technology and equipment, and applied to the design of urban and architectural facilities.


New solar building materials: Hanwa

Combining traditional Chinese roof tiles with thin-film solar technology,China's Hanergy engineers created the “Hanwa”, an era-generation solar building material.

With the solar roof system, “Hanwa” can efficiently collect energy and generate electricity. This design can effectively prevent damage or theft of the solar cell. At the same time, the solar panel combines with the existing power system in the building after capturing the solar energy, and uses the storage device to store energy, which not only provides the user with a full year of power. Supply, excess power can also be directly transferred to the grid to obtain revenue.


Multi-function path-finding station

This versatile public facility that combines a rest seat, a path-finding guide and street lighting is a multi-functional facility that not only generates electricity for itself, but also expands WiFi hotspots or street phone charging to make people sit down. I don't want to leave~



How about this list of solar products? Cool or not? I believe that in the future, people will develop more amazing products to make our lives more environmentally friendly and convenient.