Precautions for the use of lead-acid batteries

- Jul 06, 2018-

Precautions for the use of lead-acid batteries

After the new battery is put into use, it must be charged and discharged periodically. The purpose of charging is to enable the battery to store electrical energy and restore the capacity in time to meet the needs of the powered device. The purpose of the discharge is to timely check the battery capacity parameters and promote the activation reaction of the electrode active material. The battery charging and discharging conditions will directly affect the electrical performance and service life of the battery. There are many ways to charge the battery. Choosing a scientific and reasonable charging method will greatly improve the maintenance effect of the battery.

(1) Ensure adequate insulation between and around the battery and equipment. Insufficient insulation measures may cause electric shock, short-circuit heating, smoke or burning.

(2) Charging application charger, directly connected to the DC power supply may cause battery leakage, heat or combustion.

(3) Battery capacity will decrease slowly due to self-discharge. Recharge the battery before storing it for a long time.