Reasons and solutions for solar panel bulge

- Feb 01, 2019-

The position of the hot spot on the solar panel and the position of the invisible tape are prone to the back pack, and if the two parts overlap, the back pack is more likely to occur, mainly because the temperature of the panel is too high. When the solar panel is in use, a part of the sunlight absorbed by the solar panel itself is converted into heat energy, causing the temperature of the internal panels of the panel to increase sharply. The ultraviolet absorber in the EVA converts the absorbed ultraviolet light into a part of heat energy and is dispersed into the internal module.

 solar power

Under normal circumstances, the normal operating temperature of solar modules is around 70 °C-80 °C. It has been confirmed by our employees' many experiments that the increase of temperature will affect the power output of the solar panels, and the temperature of the components themselves will increase by 1 °C. The output power of the component is reduced by approximately 1W, so the thermal conductivity of the backing material should be considered during the selection of the backing material. The heat transfer coefficient is related to the substrate and composition of the backing plate itself, and the heat is mainly conducted by the medium.


Here we explain the solution for the solar panel bulge: When the solar cell is put into operation, it is guaranteed that the input PV cell is qualified. It is the standard battery. During the welding process, it is necessary to avoid open welding and soldering. Stick the invisible tape to the drawing when laying.