Six major cautions for the use of solar panels

- Jan 21, 2019-

Six major cautions for the use of solar panels


1. Do not install solar modules in shaded areas such as trees or buildings. Do not place near open flames or flammable materials. The assembly structure should be able to adapt to the environmental requirements. Please select the appropriate materials and anti-corrosion treatment. It is necessary to install the components in a firm and reliable way, and the components may fall from high altitude, which will lead to financial damage. The components are not disassembled, bent or impacted with hard objects, avoiding dangerous actions such as stepping on the components.


2. Use spring washers and pad gaskets to lower the panel assembly to the bracket. The installation of the solar panel is preferably about 30 degrees to the sun. According to the site environment and the state of the bracket structure, the panel is placed in an appropriate manner component wiring.


3. The battery board assembly should correctly link the positive and negative poles in the junction box. The output circuit should be correctly connected to the equipment. Do not short the positive and negative poles to ensure that there is no gap between the joint and the insulated joint. If there is a gap, sparks will occur or electric shock.


4. Always check if the lifting structure is off. If necessary, tighten the parts and check the link status of each part, wire, bottom line and plug.


5. Always check the surface of the component with a soft cloth. If you replace the panel components (usually do not need to be replaced for 25 years), you should select the same type of components of the same model. Do not touch the cable joints by hand if you need to use safety equipment (such as insulated gloves).


6. When repairing components, please cover the surface of the component with opaque objects or materials, because the components will generate high voltage under strong light, which is very dangerous. The warranty period of the components is 3years, the power attenuation of the components will not exceed 10% within 10 years, and will not exceed 20% within 20 years.