Solar Energy Solutions

- Apr 01, 2019-

01 Solar Power
solar power supply.jpgSystem introduction: Solar power generation system is a highly integrated series product that uses solar photovoltaic conversion to provide power supply for remote or non-electrical equipment. Solar power generation system is widely used in road video surveillance, hydrology and water monitoring, river video surveillance, forest fire monitoring, power tower monitoring, water conservancy monitoring, farmland irrigation monitoring, reservoir dam monitoring, flash flood warning, oilfield oil well monitoring, fishery pastoral monitoring, oil pipeline metering and monitoring, telecom mobile base stations, border post, military district power supply etc.

02 Wind Solar Hybrid Power
wind and solar hybrid power supply system.jpg

The wind and solar hybrid power system is a highly integrated series product that uses the wind power and solar energy to provide power supply for equipment in remote or non-electrical areas. The system includes solar modules, wind turbines, energy storage batteries, and integrated wind-solar hybrid control/inverter boxes, the mounting bracket and the system components.

03 Solar + Mains Supply
Solar + mains supply.jpg

System introduction: Solar + mains supply refers to the combination of solar power supply and 220V/380V power supply, seamless switching to solve the power supply problems, and provide uninterrupted high-quality power for important equipment.

04 Solar, Wind and Diesel Generator Power Supply
solar and wind, diesel generator hybrid power supply.jpg

System introduction: Solar wind power supply, the combination of wind energy and solar energy. It regulates electric energy through battery and diesel generators, reduces fuel consumption, and provides stable and reliable high-quality power for systems or electrical equipment, thus achieving good economy and social benefits.

05 Solar Grid-connected Power Generation
grid tie solar system.jpg

Solar grid-connected power generation relies on solar modules to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy, and directly through the grid-connected inverter to deliver electrical energy to the grid without the battery. The networked solar photovoltaic system is the hotspot and focus of the developed countries in the world in the field of solar applications. It is the mainstream development trend of the world's solar photovoltaic power generation, with huge market and broad prospects.

06 Roof distributed power station
Roof solar array distributed power station.jpg

The roof distributed power station is a grid-connected solar power station installed on the roof of an industrial and commercial enterprise or any idle roof. The electricity generated by the power station is digested in situ and used nearby. It can not only save electricity for users, but also obtain national electricity subsidies. It is a good choice for many enterprises and institutions and private users.

07 Home Photovoltaic
home photovoltaic.jpg

Home PV refers to the solar grid-connected power generation system installed on the roof of the home. With the strengthening of the country's efforts to increase poverty alleviation, more and more families have begun to install home PV, which has become a very fashionable long-term investment product. The rate of return is even higher than that of wealth management products.

08 LED Solar Street Lighting

All-In-One Integrated LED Solar Street Lighting