Solar energy with mains supply

- May 06, 2019-

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System introduction: Solar energy + mains supply refers to the combination of solar power supply and 220V/380V power supply, seamless switching to solve power supply problems, We use the application of this technology in the occasion and engineering field has successfully provided customers with perfect power solutions. The core technology difficulty is the automatic switching of solar power and mains power, providing uninterrupted high-quality power for important equipment.


System consists of: solar photovoltaic modules, solar storage batteries, solar controller, mains control boxes/switch, mounting brackets and supporting components.

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1. Highly integrated technology products

The system has strong initiative, and the photovoltaic system with energy storage device has strong initiative. When there is grid power failure, power limitation and fault, it can operate independently and supply power to the load normally;

solar power station with battery storage.jpg2. The application is special, can meet a variety of emergency load power supply

The application site is special, and the photovoltaic power generation system with energy storage device can be used as an emergency power supply, medical equipment, gas station, evacuation site indication and lighting power supply system for important or emergency loads;

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3. Intelligent switching protection, the system is more stable

Intelligent switching protection is strong. When there is continuous exhaustion in a series of rainy weather, the utility switch is activated. When the solar energy is exhausted, it automatically switches to the mains output, which complements the mains and solar energy, and make the solar energy system more stable.

solar panels production.png4. Adapt to all types of AC electrical appliances

Electrical appliances have a wide range of applications, and the direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC etc. The system has converted the DC power generated by the solar power system into AC power to directly supply power to the 220VAC appliance, thus adapting to all AC appliances.