Solar grid-connected power system generation

- Jun 10, 2019-

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System introduction: Solar grid-connected power generation relies on solar modules, which use the electronic properties of semiconductor materials to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy, and directly pass the grid-connected inverter to the grid without the battery. The on grid solar system is the hotspot and focus of the developed countries in the world in the field of photovoltaic applications. It is the mainstream development trend of the world's solar photovoltaic power generation, with huge market and broad prospects.


System includes: the system mainly consists of PV modules, grid-connected inverters and power distribution devices etc.

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1, solar energy clean power, harmony with the ecological environment


The use of clean, renewable natural energy solar power generation, does not consume non-renewable, limited resources of carbon-bearing fossil energy, no greenhouse gas emissions and pollutant emissions in use, and the ecological environment is in harmony with the economic and social sustainable development strategy.

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2, grid-connected power generation, investment reduced by up to 45%


The power generation can be fed into the power grid, and the power grid is used as an energy storage device to save the battery. The investment in construction of the independent solar photovoltaic system can be reduced by 35% to 45%, thereby greatly reducing the power generation cost. Eliminating the battery avoids secondary contamination of the battery and increases the average time between failures of the system.

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3. Distributed construction to improve power system load balance


Distributed construction, nearby power distribution, access to and exit from the power grid is flexible, not only to enhance the ability of the power system to withstand war and disasters, but also to improve the load balance of the power system and reduce line losses.

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4. Grid-connected solar power system, mainstream development trend


Networked solar photovoltaic systems are the hotspots and mainstays of the developed countries in the world in the field of photovoltaic applications. They are the mainstream development trend of solar power generation in the world, with huge market and broad prospects.