Solar panels -- no longer have to worry about power outages

- Feb 11, 2019-

A solar panel is a semiconductor wafer that directly generates electricity using sunlight. Solar panels can generate electricity as long as they are exposed to certain conditions of sunlight. This phenomenon is amazing, it is incredible to use the sunlight to generate electricity. In fact, solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity by converting photoelectric energy into electrical energy through photoelectric effects or photochemical reactions. Then someone will say that if there is no sun, can solar panels not generate electricity? Then I will tell everyone, of course not. When the solar panel is full of sunlight, it will generate a lot of electricity. However, so much power is not used for a while, so the solar panel will store the excess power separately and wait until there is no sunlight. It is. Of course, if there is no sunshine for a long time and the solar panel storage capacity has been used up, then the electricity we need will be provided by the power company. This not only makes full use of energy, but also greatly reduces the cost of electricity bills. This is a good thing.

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