Solar panels power generation efficiency, your biggest concern

- Jan 16, 2019-

According to the practice and experience of our research on solar panel photovoltaic power generation technology for many years, I feel that it is necessary to appeal to all sectors of society to pay attention to photovoltaic application technology. Solar panels, also known as "solar chips" or "photocells," are photovoltaic semiconductor wafers that use solar light to generate electricity directly. Single-cell solar cells cannot be used directly as power supplies. As a power source, several individual solar energy panels must be connected in series, in parallel, and tightly sealed into components.


Solar panels (also called solar panel assemblies) A plurality of solar cells are assembled in the solar power system and are the most important part of the solar power system.


It is very difficult to increase the efficiency of solar panel devices by 1% to 2%. In practical applications, it is not uncommon to reduce the efficiency of photovoltaic systems by 10% to 20% due to improper design. Therefore, based on a comprehensive introduction to the basic knowledge of photovoltaic power generation, we will focus on the application technology of photovoltaic systems, including the correct calculation of solar radiation, the determination of the optimal tilt angle of photovoltaic arrays, the performance and selection of components, and various types. The optimal design of photovoltaic systems, as well as the practical application of various photovoltaic systems. I hope to be able to help friends who like photovoltaic power.