Solar photovoltaic bracket system

- Jul 26, 2018-

Solar photovoltaic bracket system

The solar photovoltaic bracket system is a special support for the placement, installation and fixing of solar panels in solar power generation systems. The general materials are aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel etc.

The solar bracket system related products are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The surface of the carbon steel is hot-dip galvanized. It will not rust for 30 years in outdoor use. The solar bracket features no soldering, no drilling, 100% adjustable, and 100% reusable.

The main parameters

Installation location: building roof or curtain wall and ground

Installation orientation: should be southward (except tracking system)

Installation angle: equal to or close to the installation local latitude

Load requirements: wind load, snow load, seismic requirements

Arrangement and spacing: combined with local sunshine conditions

Quality requirements: 10 years without corrosion, 20 years of steel does not decrease, 25 years still have certain structural stability.

Solar bracket support requirements

PV support structures must be robust and capable of withstanding atmospheric erosion, wind loads and other externalities. It should be safe and reliable to achieve maximum use with minimal installation costs, virtually maintenance-free and reliable. A good bracket needs to consider the following factors:

(1) The strength of the material shall be resistant to climatic factors for at least thirty years.

(2) It is still unaffected in extreme weather such as blizzards or typhoons.

(3) The bracket needs to have a groove rail design to place wires to prevent electric shock.

(4) Power equipment must be installed in non-environmental exposures and facilitate regular maintenance.

(5) Must be easy to install.

(6) The cost should be reasonable.

High-quality rack systems must be verified with a computer-simulated extreme weather condition software and subjected to rigorous mechanical properties such as tensile strength and yield strength to ensure product durability.