Solar photovoltaic development industry combined with agriculture?

- Jan 15, 2019-

How to combine solar panels with agriculture? The participation of the people is a very important point. So how to increase the enthusiasm of farmers to participate? What role should farmers play in PV agriculture projects?

Solar panels are combined with agriculture. The United States adopts a farm system with family members as its main staff. The staff has strong sense of responsibility, the farm is highly mechanized, and the production process is easy to control. South Korea adopts the agricultural association system, which controls the quality and sales of products, including financial services produced by farmers. Farmers are only responsible for the production process. While the Agricultural Department of China is in transition, the scale of modern agricultural employment is not high, the level of mechanization and automation is low, the responsibility is not clear enough, the production process is difficult to control, and the agricultural population is aging. Therefore, solar panel agricultural enterprises can complete the layout and management of agricultural product sales channels, as well as the development and promotion of new products, and hand over the production links to agricultural workers.

In order to improve the enthusiasm of farmers, it is necessary to deal with the relationship between the rights and responsibilities of farmers in the whole project. To deal with this problem, we must first determine what role farmers should play in the PV agriculture project.

Solar cell panel photovoltaic agriculture is currently suitable for the promotion mode of planting edible fungi, medicinal fungi, aquaculture, animal breeding and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, market transactions and other sub-projects under the greenhouse. Since photovoltaic power plants in photovoltaic agriculture must have a certain scale, the land area of general projects must have a certain area, which is a scale problem. Due to the certain scale of investment in photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, farmers can contract or operate independently or in the form of agricultural cooperatives to establish cooperative relationships with solar photovoltaic integrated agricultural developers.

In addition to the above problems, photovoltaic agriculture projects still have many problems such as safety supervision and construction quality supervision and inspection, and agricultural product quality policies and regulations are not perfect. Even some insiders pointed out that the purpose of the "big-scale document" in the field of large-scale documents is that the most important thing to do now is to send the scientific research service to the market.

Domestic solar panel photovoltaic agriculture is still at a very early stage of development, and only based on agriculture can promote the development of photovoltaic agriculture. Photovoltaic agriculture is a new thing. At the beginning of the rise, it is necessary to determine feasible business models and rules, and to ensure good quality. To do this, photovoltaic agriculture must meet the requirements of ecological environment construction and set higher standards for power station quality and agricultural efficiency. Only the pre-construction, installation, construction and post-operations have reached the corresponding standards. Together with the support of policies and funds, PV agriculture can truly develop better.