The combination of high-efficiency cells and rooftop distributed photovoltaics

- Nov 30, 2018-

As the vitality of the entire power generation system, the efficiency of solar cells is decisive for the photovoltaic power generation efficiency of the entire system. In recent years, driven by the leader project, the photovoltaic market has become more efficient, and various types of high-efficiency batteries and components have become the mainstream of the market. With the development of technology, the market demand for products is getting higher and higher. Taking the front runner project as an example, the efficiency requirements of the components used in the first two batches of leading bases are not less than 16.5% for polysilicon conversion efficiency and not less than 17% for single crystal silicon. In 2017, the third batch of application-leading bases increased the efficiency requirements of polycrystalline modules and monocrystalline modules to 17% and 17.8% respectively. The technical requirements for the leading bases reached 18% and 18.9%. Under this circumstance, battery technologies such as PERC, N-type, HJT, and IBC have developed rapidly, and new components such as double-sided and double-glass have also emerged.


While the product is highly efficient, distributed is becoming the focus of the photovoltaic industry. In the first quarter of 2018, distributed photovoltaics accounted for nearly 80% of all new PV installations with 7.69GW of new installed capacity. The proportion of 2.43GW in the same period last year was only 33.7%. Sun Dongdong, senior analyst of the OFweek photovoltaic industry, said that under the dual role of policy and market, distributed solar will reach a new high in 2018.



Under the wave of distributed development, photovoltaic power generation has gradually entered thousands of households, but it is still in its infancy. For users who install PV power plants, what they care most about is the one that directly reflects the quality of power generation. As the core component, the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells and components has a huge impact on the power generation of the entire system. In the case of distributed complex applications, not every high-efficiency battery and efficient components can be adapted.


Due to the differences in the application scenarios, a component that performs well on a ground power station does not mean that it is also suitable for distributed photovoltaic power plants. For example, the double-sided components are suitable for scenes with strong ground reflection, the half-piece components are suitable for scenes with shadows, and the double-glass components are suitable for scenes with harsh natural environments. For distributed photovoltaic power plants, the application and selection of various high-efficiency batteries and components need to be very cautious, especially in distributed power plants installed on the roof, the safety must be guaranteed, or it will cause heavy losses once the fire is triggered.


Under the rapid development of various new types of batteries, which battery technology is most suitable for distributed PV solar? Which component can be applied to distributed PV to achieve the best results? How can we increase the power generation of distributed power plants?


In response to the above problems, Shen Wenzhong, director of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, will deliver a keynote speech on "High-efficiency solar cell technology for rooftop distributed photovoltaics" at the "OFweek 2018 China Distributed Photovoltaic Development Forum" held on May 26. At that time, Professor Shen Wenzhong will interpret and analyze the latest high-efficiency solar cell technology, and explore the characteristics and prospects of these battery technologies applied to rooftop distributed photovoltaics. Wonderful speech, so stay tuned.


Professor Shen Wenzhong is a scholar of the Yangtze River and a recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. Since January 2007, he has served as the director of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He is also the executive director of the China Renewable Energy Society, the chairman of the Shanghai Solar Energy Society, and the International PVSEC Advisory Committee Member. Editor-in-Chief of Solar Photovoltaics. Mainly engaged in the development of new silicon-based solar cells and physics research of optoelectronic devices. He has published more than 200 high-level academic papers in international first-class SCI academic journals, and has been cited more than 4,000 times by others; published one academic monograph ("Si-based Heterojunction Solar Cell Physics and Devices", 396,000 words, Science Press , 2014), editor-in-chief of the academic monograph ("Solar Photovoltaic Technology and Applications", 864,000 words, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2013).


The “OFweek 2018 China Distributed Photovoltaic Development Forum” was hosted by OFweek China High-Tech Industry Portal and hosted by OFweek Solar Photovoltaic Network and have been held in Shanghai on May 26, 2018. Focusing on the development of distributed photovoltaics, the conference invited a number of authoritative industry experts and leading companies to bring a wonderful speech to the site. Industry elites gathered together to lead the trend of the industry and lead the industry trend.