The function of solar inverter

- Sep 13, 2018-

The inverter not only has the function of direct AC conversion, but also has the function of maximally limiting the function of the solar cell and the maintenance function of the system. It comes down to active operation and shutdown function, maximum power tracking control function, anti-independent operation function (for grid-connected system), active voltage adjustment function (for grid-connected system), DC detection function (for grid-connected system), DC grounding detection Function (for grid-connected systems). Here is a brief introduction to active and shutdown functions and maximum power tracking control.

1. Active operation and shutdown function: After morning sunrise, the solar radiation intensity is gradually strengthened, and the output of the solar battery is also increased. When the output power required by the inverter task is reached, the inverter starts to operate actively. After entering the operation, the inverter will look at the output of the solar cell module at all times, and only if the output power of the solar cell module is greater than the output power required by the inverter task, the inverter will continue to operate; The inverter can also operate on rainy days. When the output of the solar cell module becomes smaller and the inverter output approaches 0, the inverter forms a standby mode.

2. Maximum power tracking control function: The output of the solar cell module is changed according to the solar radiation intensity and the temperature of the solar cell module itself (chip temperature). In addition, since the solar cell module has a characteristic that the voltage decreases as the current increases, there is an optimum task point for obtaining the maximum power. The intensity of solar radiation is changing, and the obvious best task is also changing. In relation to these changes, the task point of the solar cell module is always at the maximum power point, and the system always obtains the maximum power output from the solar cell component. This control is the maximum power tracking control. The most important feature of inverters used in solar power systems is the inclusion of maximum power point tracking (MPPT).