The installation guide of the three-phase inverter

- Sep 06, 2018-

The installation guide

(1) If the cable is too small, it will cause a fire. Whether it is an input line, an output line, a ground line, or a battery line. In particular, the ground wire must be sufficient for the wiring, otherwise it will be life-threatening.

(2) Connection method

A. The output line is directly connected to the output terminal block. This connection allows the inverter to support a larger load.

B. The input line is directly connected to the input terminal block, that is, commercial power is input to the inverter through the terminal block, and the load is also output through the terminal block. The advantage of this method is that the inverter can work up to 150% of the rated power.

(3) External connection of the battery: Firstly, recognize the positive and negative poles of the battery, connect the black cable provided by our company's professional to the negative pole of the battery, and connect the red to the positive pole.

Warning: Please do not use too thin wire, otherwise it will cause damage to the inverter and even cause fire!