The largest bus station optical storage and charging integration with solar project was successfully connected to the grid in China

- Jan 18, 2019-

Recently, the industry's largest bus station optical storage and charging integration project has been put into operation on the grid, which provides a good demonstration for the development of multi-energy complementary and comprehensive utilization of photovoltaic, energy storage and charging in Anhui Province. It is reported that the project was developed and built by Hefei Hanxing Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. It is the main force of the whole energy storage industry chain. It is one of the few integrators inChinathat has the ability to integrate optical storage and charging.


The largest in the country, providing green power protection


As a domestic optical storage and charging integrated micro-grid demonstration project, Huaibei City Tunxi County Hengrui Electric Bus Co., Ltd. is a bus station optical storage and charging integration project, located in the bus station of Luxi County and the subordinate township bus stations. The whole system consists of photovoltaic power generation, charging piles, energy storage parts, etc., including photovoltaic power installation 800kW, energy storage installed 13MWh, DC charging pile 70, energy storage and charging piles are all connected to the 380V low voltage side of the station grid. The system adopts the 1MWh and 2MWh energy storage integrated system and AC/DC charging pile independently developed by Hefei Hanxing.


Among them, solar charge the electric bus through the charging pile, self-use and surplus electricity; when the electricity price is low at night, the utility power is charged and stored, and at the peak of the electricity price, the energy storage system is discharged, and the electric bus is charged through the charging pile. The internal power consumption of the microgrid is regulated by an energy management system.


Technological innovation, strong energy storage system


The project provides safe, efficient and intelligent green power protection for urban green buses. It can switch from off-grid. When the mains is out of power, the energy storage system can be off-grid, realize the off-grid micro-network operation to the charging station's office equipment and emergency backup charging pile as the backup power supply emergency power supply, and the bus emergency response to the power grid. Charging.


What is the special technology behind the huge project? The staff introduced: "First, we have adopted the 'distributed layout, centralized control' approach for planning and construction, making full use of existing resources for construction; second, using lithium iron phosphate battery as the energy storage medium, it is safe and reliable. Strong in nature, high in energy density, fast in charge and discharge rate, and long in service life. Finally, the energy storage power station is connected to the source network load system, and the energy storage equipment is used to quickly convert the energy storage equipment from 'loading' to ' The power supply's millisecond shift."


Demonstration is significant and brings considerable benefits


The person in charge said that the project is expected to reduce the standard coal consumption by 292.8 tons and the carbon dioxide emissions by 781.4 tons per year, which will create a greener and smarter city for the country, and at the same time bring more broad social benefits. For example, it solves the problem of distribution network in limited land resources, realizes the basic balance between local energy production and energy consumption load; flexible interaction with the public power grid and relatively independent operation, alleviating the impact of charging pile electricity on the power grid; direct use The energy storage battery charges the power battery and improves energy conversion efficiency.


On the other hand, the project has also brought considerable economic benefits. It is estimated that after successful operation, it can realize a profit of more than 5 million yuan per year and recover the cost in 5 years. Promoting the self-development of enterprises also promotes the development of local economy, and it also promotes the development of the industrial chain of light storage and storage. The project has positive significance for improving the power supply structure of the local power grid and promoting the development ofChina's optical storage and micro-grid business. It is also conducive to implementing the national policy of opening up the domestic energy storage market and promoting the integration of energy storage systems, especially with distributed photovoltaics and charging piles the application of the system inChina.