The output of the wind power

- Aug 30, 2018-

Because the wind turbine is unstable due to the wind volume, the output is an alternating current of 13 to 25V, which must be rectified by the charger, and then the battery is charged, so that the electric energy generated by the wind turbine becomes chemical energy. Then use the inverter power supply with protection circuit to convert the chemical energy in the battery into AC 220V mains to ensure stable use.


It is generally believed that the power of wind power is completely determined by the power of the wind turbine. It is always wrong to buy a larger wind turbine. Current wind turbines only charge the battery, and the battery stores the electrical energy. The amount of electricity that people ultimately use is more closely related to the size of the battery. The magnitude of the power depends more on the amount of wind, not just the power of the head. In the Mainland, small wind turbines will be more suitable than large ones. Because it is more easily driven by small winds to generate electricity, the continuous small wind will provide more energy than the current wind. When there is no wind, people can also use the power from the wind. That is to say, a 200W wind turbine can also be used with the large battery and the inverter to obtain 500W or even 1000W or even more power output.


The use of wind turbines is the constant conversion of wind energy into the standard utility power used in our homes. The degree of savings is obvious. The cost of a household's electricity consumption is only 20 yuan per year. Today's wind turbines have improved much from a few years ago. They used to be used in a few remote areas. Wind turbines use a 15W bulb to directly use electricity, which can cause damage to the bulb. Nowadays, due to technological advancement, using advanced chargers and inverters, wind power generation has become a small system with a certain technological content, and can replace normal commercial power under certain conditions. The mountain area can use this system to make a street lamp that does not cost money all the year round; the highway can be used as a road sign for the night; children in the mountain can study in the evening under the fluorescent lamp; wind power motors can also be used in the small high-rise roof of the city, which is not only economical but also real Green power supply. Household wind turbines not only prevent power outages, but also increase the interest of life. Wind turbines are becoming a hotspot for people in tourist attractions, border defenses, schools, military units and even backward mountainous areas. Radio enthusiasts can use their own technology to serve the mountain people in wind power generation, so that people can watch TV and lighting electricity in sync with the city, and they can make themselves rich.