The prospect of outdoor solar charging industry is gratifying

- Nov 01, 2018-

The prospect of outdoor solar charging industry is gratifying, and many brands have begun to layout


With the rapid development of the global economy, environmental pollution, energy consumption has brought a severe test, and some companies and brands with social responsibility are striving to find new ways to charge green. Solar charging uses inexhaustible sunlight to generate electricity. It is highly valued by countries around the world for its energy saving, environmentally friendly and green pollution-free features! Under the development of the domestic new energy photovoltaic industry policy for many years, it has achieved rapid development, and more and more solar charging application electronic products have entered people's lives. Solar charging is not only environmentally friendly, but also solves the problem of no power when outdoor digital products are not available. Because of the advantages of being able to supply power whenever and wherever possible, it is more and more popular among outdoor travellers!


With the rapid growth of outdoor solar charging digital products in recent years, the prospects of the solar charging industry are gratifying! Domestic brands led by Hanergy and haogood began to lay out the solar charging market.


Solar charging global market is exploding


The development of the solar charging market is due to the fact that consumers are increasingly inseparable from smartphones, tablets, mobile power supplies and smart wearable digital products, and these digital products are short-lived and cannot be used as a home with a charging head. Charging short board! In the big environment here, solar charging products such as solar chargers, solar charging backpacks, and solar folding bags have emerged! According to data from Yibang Power's data on global cross-border e-commerce, the market consumption of solar charging products reached US$236 million in the three years from 2015 to 2017, and solar charging in the global market in 2018 by the end of September. The consumption of products has far exceeded the sum of three years! It can be said that it is more than 300% explosive growth! According to the law of product development stage of marketing, we can boldly predict that in the next 3-5 years, the market of solar charging application products will show a geometrically incremental development, and the market capacity will reach 100 billion in the future!


The layout of solar digital application products is innovative and diverse


In the beginning, solar charging products were only used to extend the mobile phone outdoors. However, with the increasing use of digital products in the outdoor, there are solar chargers that charge different digital products, for example, Mobile phone, tablet, charging treasure and other rechargeable 5V low-voltage solar charger folding bag, later developed into a large-voltage high-current solar charging handbag for notebooks, drones, cameras, car starters, energy storage power supplies, etc. Therefore, from the perspective of the type of power supply of the product, the solar charger exhibits a function and function.


With the deepening of outdoor travellers' understanding of solar charging products, many buyers have put forward higher requirements for the charging speed and intelligence of solar chargers. It is for this reason that haogood brand began to charge in solar energy. And intelligent, the first to launch a 28W triple digital display solar charger, real-time display of voltage, current, power three data, solar charging speed is not fast, digital display at a glance! For the fast charge market, the haogood brand will launch QC3.0 and Type-C new generation fast charging technology solar charging products to meet the growing outdoor solar charging market.


As the master of domestic thin film solar core technology, Hanergy brand has also begun to deepen the market of solar photovoltaic application products, and has launched solar charging products such as Hanbao and Han paper. Hanergy not only exhibited new consumer electronics such as Han paper and Han Bao, but also displayed a complete set of mobile energy solutions for living, traveling and using, represented by solar cars, Han umbrellas and Hanwa. Outline the beautiful picture of life in the future of mobile energy.


With the arrival of the storm of solar chargers, some manufacturers that traditionally produce UPS power supplies, charging piles, lithium batteries, and mobile power sources have also begun to enter the market of solar charging. This shows that the industry prospects are attractive! Through the participation of many companies and brands in the field of solar charging, and jointly promote the development of the industry, the next 100 billion market outbreak will become possible!