There are currently five types of solar photovoltaic power generation solutions

- Feb 12, 2019-

There are currently five types of photovoltaic power generation solutions: large-scale ground power stations, industrial and commercial rooftops, home solar power plants, energy IoT and smart matching solutions.


1. The large-scale PV ground power station is large in scale and suitable for construction in barren hills, deserts, tidal flats, water surface, etc., and can effectively utilize various sub-lands.


2. Utilize idle roofs, façades, and idle spaces of industrial and commercial buildings, combined with distributed solar power systems, to build small clean electric power stations. According to the different materials and structure types, it can be divided into three categories: flat roof, sloping roof and curved roof.


3. Domestic photovoltaic power plants are short for home solar power systems, also known as distributed solar power systems.


4. Energy Internet of Things is a kind of intelligent power-saving control system and model based on environment and equipment awareness and intelligent prediction of working conditions. It can be applied to building energy-saving and energy-saving control of plant equipment in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and energy-saving control in office field.


5. The intelligent matching solution provides two scene modes: ground tracking system solution and surface floating solution.