What affect your solar panels output power?

- Jan 17, 2019-

Destructive effects caused by external environmental factors cause component power attenuation or even damage.


In the later use of photovoltaic power plants, most of the power stations are installed in the wild, so they will encounter various weather and environmental conditions. The most likely factor to reduce the power of the components is the hot spot effect.


The hot spot effect caused by external factors mainly refers to the solar cell module under the sunlight, because some components are blocked by black clouds or leaves, etc., so that the covered components are warmed up much more than the uncovered part, resulting in excessive temperature a dark spot that burned out.


Hot spots can cause damage to the entire battery pack and even cause paralysis of the entire power plant, causing damage. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the internal and external causes of hot spot formation, thereby reducing the possibility of hot spot formation.


To sum up, the current power attenuation problem in the system application field is mainly due to the decrease in output power caused by the quality problem of the component. The power attenuation in this case is not avoided in the later application process. What we should do more is Control the quality of the production process, improve the production process and improve product quality.


In addition, it is very important that the hot spot effect is one of the important reasons for power attenuation. It is recommended that component manufacturers order relevant testing equipment to reduce the occurrence of hot spot effect factors. For more information about solar panels, please stay tuned for our company.