What are the advantages of home solar power systems?

- Jan 08, 2019-

Advantage one:


Compared with the coal power generation and thermal power generation that we use today, solar power generation is inexhaustible, and electricity can be generated as long as there is sunlight.


Advantage two:


The household solar power generation system is safe, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, noise-free, and non-emission. It is a safe, reliable, clean and energy-saving new energy source.


Advantage three:


The home solar power system is not subject to geographical restrictions. It can be installed in the north, installed in the south, installed on the mountain, and installed under the mountain. In general, as long as there is sunlight, it is suitable for solar power generation. The advantages of building roofs can be used to install equipment without occupying land area.


Advantage four:


Unlike conventional power generation equipment, the domestic solar power generation system does not consume energy to generate electricity. It converts light and heat into a mode of electric energy through the internal structure of the photovoltaic panel, and the transmission line can be used to generate electricity locally.


Advantage five:


Household solar power systems have high energy quality at the same time; the construction period is short.